Civic Regalia

In most cases, a badge will feature a centre with your associations crest or logo and possibly the name within a surrounding rim. This can stand alone, or be attached to one of our stock backplate options or a bespoke design of your choice. Using our in house design team to take your requirements and design intent combined with our knowledge we can offer concepts that are beautifully hand crafted by an experienced British manufacturer.

We manufacture a large range of stock badges and backplates in many different styles and sizes from modern styles to more ornate options, meaning we can manufacture you a bespoke centre featuring your design, to attach to your chosen backplate. All badges can be made in both precious and non-precious metals and feature a number of finishes from gilt, silver plate or rhodium.

Your crest can be hand painted in fine detail by our experienced artist, this method achieves great detail and a beautifully unique finish perfect for low quantities.

Another option is to have the design die struck. The die is used to produce stampings, ideal for larger quantities. Stampings can be produced in relief, achieving pronounced high level of detail without the need for enamel, or stamped from a die and enamel infilled with a smooth flat or domed profile.

The size of the jewel will in the main dictate how it is best to be suspended. Chains of office and neck ribbons are used for larger jewels, small and medium jewels can be suspended from short ribbons.


Additional Civic Items:





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