Here at Vaughtons we offer many styles of engraving to complement our customers needs. We engrave past and current officer’s names onto slide bars for ribbons, short ribbons with top bars and presentation dates and names onto the reverse of jewels and medals alike. Our stock jewels and medals can also be engraved with your associations crest and or logo offering a more cost effective option to die struck and hand painted manufacturing methods. We also engrave onto trophies and salvers.


Machine Engraving uses our computer engraving system, allowing us to offer diamond tipped engraving (Shallow engraving) and milled engraving (deeper engraving). Alongside text, we can also produce engraved logos and crests for medals and jewels.

Hand engraving is the traditional method of fine engraving carried out by our master craftsmen using hand cutting tools.  This style of engraving has been the preferred method on many of our prestigious awards, or work that requires intricacy.


Block engraving
vs-block-2 vs-double-cut
Block engraving
Hand engraving
Double cut
Deep engraving for Infill
vs-wax vs-deep-engraved
Deep engraving


Block Engraving – using sans or serifed fonts to engrave slide bars, small medals and the reverse of jewels and badges.

Double Cut Engraving – A more decorative form of engraving for large centres, larger medals and jewels.

Deep Engraving – drilled deep engraving for clarity. Plated after engraving.

Engrave and Wax Fill – drilled enrgaving that is filled with wax to give colour and definition.

Engrave and Enamel Fill – drilled engraving that is vitreous enamel (glass enamel) filled for colour, definition and longevity.

Hand Engraving – A traditional bespoke method of fine engraving carried out by our master craftsmen using hand cutting tools .

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